Hi, I've currently got a half sleeve with momji and Kumonryu Shishin. It's in progress and I'm getting it extended with Botan on the fore arm. I just aftr some ideas for the inside of my arm. I was thinking of ether a hannya or namakubi. Would these work? Have you got any other ideas? Thanks a lot.

He is often seen fighting with Kaosho Rochishin, would be a good compliment if he will fit

Hey! you wouldn't happen to have any info on taira tomomori would you? thanks.

Might be more info in the archives

Hey mate,can you point me to some links on traditional japanese placements and different type's of "half" suits? I found 2 helpful links but I can't include them in this question! Thanks

this should answer all your questions

hey, i'm looking for a good theme to do irezumi tattoo sleeve, I'm thinking about a mythological fight beetween susanoo and orochi, but i dont want a dragon on my sleeve, so maybe you'll be able to reccomend me some prints with fighters with swords or any other theme good looking on a sleeve?

I would recomdend buying adam kitamotos book, myths, gods and legends, all his designs are with dragons, and his work is fucking incredible!

I first want to thank you for sharing your knowledge. Last summer I found someone in my city who is well versed in irezumi. He did a chest plate with a hannya mask for me and a Geisha on my arm which is a half sleeve using the traditional clouds and on both the chest plate and sleeve and flooded it with red sakura and pedals. Any recommended traditional objects to pair on the other side with the clouds and sakura? I have a book on noh masks but don't see anything that has grasped me.

Have you had a look through the archives here? Your artist would know exactly what to do on the opposing side, maybe an oiran,or jigoku dayu?

Sorry about the absence, I have been very busy with work, I will try get to the questions tonight, and will try post some new content soon

Hey man first of all I want to say that I love your blog, getting a glimpse behind the images into the culture is fascinating. I wanted to ask about the Nio bad ass guardians I've only seen them tattooed once can you tell me more?

not sure if i have posted about them before, but if not, all the info you are after can be found here!

hello.. i have a braclet with yin yang in irezumi style and cherry blossom flowers what can suit to continue that?

I am really not sure, yin yang is a chinese/daoist thing, not japanese, maybe ju unryu kosonsho? from memory he was a daoist magician?

Hello, is there any tradition in japanese tattoing for raven images? I can't find any so i guess it's not a traditional subject and therefore wouldn't make a good choice. thanks.

do a search on yatagarasu, I may have posted about this previously! :)